Weak And Sick Kitten Uses All His Strength To Scream For Help

Weak And Sick Kitten Uses All His Strength To Scream For Help

A newborn kitten was found abandoned at a farm near the woods in Montreal, Canada. The poor kitten was so young that he could not hear or see yet. Despite being very frail, he used all his strength to cry for help. Thankfully, a man passing-by heard his cries and rushed to save him.

The man looked around for other kittens or a mother cat, but he couldn’t find them. He quickly picked up the tiny kitten and contacted Jessica, a veterinary technician who volunteers for Chatons Orphelins Montréal to call for her help.

When the kitten arrived at Chatons Orphelins Montréal, he was dehydrated and underweight. Jessica immediately started to warm him up and feed him. Despite all the odds against the kitten, Jessica refused to give up hope. She took care of him and named him Woody because he was found near the woods.

After two weeks of constant care and feeding, Woody proved to be a true fighter. He doubled his weight and transformed into a friendly boy who loves everyone and is available for adoption.

“Woody loves everyone, human and furry kind. He adapts well to change and is very easy-going.”

After that, the rescue placed Woody in a loving home to continue to grow. The boy immediately bonded with foster mom and followed her everywhere around the house.

Watch Woody’s rescue journey in this video:

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